Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does the per site license allow me to use the product in my home office as well?
A: Yes. An individual subscriber can use the product in multiple locations so long as it not distributed to or shared with persons who work in a different physical location or organization.

Q: Can my staff and other attorneys in my firm use this product under the enterprise license?
A: Yes. As long as all persons using the product work at the same physical location.

Q: Do I just get rid of my old one when I download the latest monthly build?
A: Yes that is an option. Although each file has a date incorporated into the file name so some clients are archiving the prior builds in the event they want to review prior language at some point down the road. An example file name for a monthly build is M21-1MR_Adjudication_Procedures_Manual_Rewrite_20150102.pdf