M21-1MR PDF for VA Firms

*********************The M21-1MR PDF has been discontinued**********************

Definity Group is pleased to offer an alternative solution for accessing the M21-1MR Compensation and Pension Manual Rewrite section of the Web Automated Reference Material System in the form of a consolidated and searchable PDF.

The M21-1MR PDF brings together:
  • 900+ individual Microsoft Word documents into a single PDF
  • 48-hour email notification of any VBA announced update to the M21-1MR manual
  • New monthly builds incorporate the 65+ updates throughout the year the VBA makes to the M21-1MR manual
  • Over 7000+ pages of content from the Veterans Benefits Administration WARMS site
  • An electronic document complete with a rich bookmark section and preserved hyperlinks
  • Extremely small document size
  • Can use it on any computer that supports a PDF Reader


  • $195 for one year per site*
  • $115 for 6 months per site*
  •   $65 for 3 months per site*

Frequently Asked Questions

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One would normally expect a 7000+ page searchable PDF to be unreasonably large. Not so in this case. By leveraging unique features of the Definity Group platform, the overall document size is currently less than 80MB (Megabytes). This correlates to a download time of around 1-2 minutes with average internet speeds.

This product is available to firms as a subscription and includes with it New monthly revisions of the complete document. Each month a new 7000+ page pdf will be made available for download which includes all the M21-1MR changes since the prior revision.

In addition, active subscribers will receive 48 hour notice via email of any official published updates to the content of M21-1MR. The email will include the change notice and the "Transmittal Sheet" detailing the changes made by the VA staff.

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